TOTALLY SEVERE About Extras Textiles
Home textiles and products designed for various major retailers in the US and Canada. Some designs are drawn from scratch, others are edits of purchased artwork.

Amrapoli Bedding

Zoraya Bedding

Vivaldi Bedding

Geneva Bedding

Bird pillow

Spaniel pet bed

Embroidered dog pillow

Scottie kitchen towels

Dog theme apron

Florabelle bedding

Odyssey bedding

Dog bed

California embroidered pillow

Florida embroidered pillow

Chicago embroidered pillow

Nantucket embroidered pillow

Gold and digital pillow

Gold and digital pillow

Packaging design

Embroidered pillow

Printed socks

Please note that the photographs on this page come from professional photographers and are not my own work. To have a photograph credited or removed, please contact me.