TOTALLY SEVERE About Extras Textiles


These fonts are free for personal and commercial use. You may use the fonts in any projects, but the actual TTF files must not be used for profit. Attribution to is not required, but I'd love to see if you find a use for them.


Hand embroideries made several years back. Made with a needle, various colors of embroidery floss, scissors, a hoop, a chalk pencil, an old bedsheet, and the patience of a nun.  Several of these have sold.

Paper Dolls

These paper dolls are free for personal use. They are in PDF format.

This Picasso-esque doll comes with 2 dresses, three bottoms, three hats, a guitar, and a pair of shoes. You can color this in with any colors you like because there are no wrong answers (maybe you're in a blue period, or a rose period?).

Betty the Beatnik comes with five tops, four bottoms, a dress, a neck scarf, a beret, two jazz LPs, two books, a package of Pall Malls and a general distaste for consumer culture (that’s why it's a free download, man). She's dressed entirely in black so I hope you cats have some fresh printer ink.

Marie Antoinette comes with five dresses and five wigs. A few of her dresses are loosely based on real outfits worn by the queen. And of course, when you grow weary of her excesses, you are welcome to chop off her head.