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May 16 2023

Fourteen new patterns, with a few refurbished and pulled from the archives.
Realized I have never drawn any proper nudes so I picked some ancient Greek statues and drew them in bubblegum pink Vortex tile Flowers on expanded dots Originally designed to be a tapestry. Another sun drawn in a dark room Sketches of suns and birds on pastel tiles This one took months to complete and compiles a lot of odds and ends that have been sitting on my computer for years Leaf-shaped medallions on periwinkle An older floral design partially redrawn and recolored Originally designed as a scarf, this one was reworked to be a repeat. Medallions with night-blooming flowers and some insects that love them A stretched-out diamond pattern with a pixel glitch ground I was just goofing around with this one but I think it's interesting enough This one is based off the designs of Mt. Washington lava glass, made in the 1870s. Obscure but somehow still fashionable. A pattern for cabins or lodges with animals found in the western US